Design & Implementation of Hand Gesture controlled Security System using AVR Microcontroller

Manu Saxena


The idea is inspired by the popular mobile phone unlock feature where basically you draw a pattern on the screen and the phone unlocks. We wanted to create a similar system which could be used in any security application, as simple as opening the door of the house based on the gesture. The attractive feature of this article is that the user makes the pattern in the air and not on any surface. Also, we have given the user the flexibility of changing the pattern whenever he wishes to do so.

The whole idea is to provide a fully functional product to the user who can interface the system to any electronically controllable device. The user can himself create patterns, store them and open the device only by him, giving him the freedom to lock and unlock the device without any kind of key required.


Security System, Hand Gesture, AVR Microcontroller, IR Sensors.

Full Text:



Cornell University, Paper reference.

Datasheet Atmega16L


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