Integration of Quantum Cryptography with Li-Fi

Lovedeep Sangha, Ravinder Pal Singh, Akash Verma


Information security is one of the vital issues in modern communication networks. There are many mathematics based Security Methods. Quantum Cryptography is a new physics based Cryptographic methods that use nil amount of mathematics for encrypting and decrypting data that means faster access. This method converts and then transferred bits in the form of protons and electrons. Thus, the keys generated can’t be hacked by any computational logics. Meanwhile, Li-Fi, a new network connecting medium that also work with visible light to do communication. Data in Li-Fi is being transferred via visible light from LED’s in the form of electrons and protons as a moderate to supply networked, mobile, top speed transmission in a simple way. If any hacker tries to steal data via eavesdropping or anything else the protons changes its form. This lead to, result in wrong checksum value so the error find by receiving end easily in decoding the data. These both technologies are faster than traditional methods because they use less mathematical computation. So, this research is to integrate Quantum Cryptography with Li-Fi via methods of physics, which is light to make network and communication more secure, robust, reliable and faster.


Computational logics, Computer Networking, Eave dropping, Li-Fi, Quantum cryptography, LED, Physics

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