Mineral Processing Route and Safety in Plant Operations

O.O. Alabi


Sampling and Chemical characterisation of head sample are very important stage prior to choosing mineral processing route. Particle size analysis, Mineralogical assessment is another determinant for the liberation size of the mineral from the gangue; these guide in the determining the use of processing technique. Magnetic method, Gravity methods, Froth flotation, Dewatering and Scrubbing method are known mineral processing methods were used in arriving at a suitable processing route. The evaluation of health hazards within the treatment of mineral is gaining more and more importance in industries. The need to control occupational health and safety in plant operations has been recognized and regulations which describe general protective measurements for personnel provide a tool to protect their health. It is the aim of this paper to give details in the determination of mineral processing route and safety in plant operation for practical approaches to risk assessment and to present measures for exposure reduction. 


Mineral, Route, Safety, Plant, Processing

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