A Novel Approach on Image Diversity for Image Authentication

Harpreet Kaur, Manpreet Singh


The inefficiency of many image processing techniques to regenerate the original image from the received forged image results in wastage of time and resources for retransmission of image. Therefore a new authentication algorithm is required which is well capable to regenerate the image from its false version received. Such an algorithm is presented in this article that works on the principle of diversity i.e. same data could not get corrupted at same places at the same time. This not only provides integrity but also eliminates the need of retransmission of image and hence, avoids extra burden of the transmitter. This scheme is more suitable in areas where limited resources are available such that retransmission of data multiple times is prohibited. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is also tested for practical applications


Hash, Integrity, Image forgery, Reversible data embedding, Security, Tampering localization.

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